Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bookplate : Agnar the Viking

I've been making bookplates for various books and gifts.
Thought I would share this one.
Feel free to save it down and use it.
You might get a better version over here.


Jackie said...

Love this! He kind of looks like my little brother who has red hair and a red beard! Ha!

jmanu said...

He he
too funny and cute

Pilli Pilli said...

Ha! LOL!

I know just the person who I could send this too! Very nice!

And I must say I recognize Agnar's Anger (now that's a mouthful), I'm quite territorial about my books as well. I especially hate it when people borrow a book and then 'forget' it's yours... I like my bookies to come home to me :)

PilliPilli Handmade

Anna said...

these are great, thanks!