Friday, April 27, 2012

Total fail

Well, the week is over and it's a total, abysmal failure as far as the Kids Clothes Week challenge goes. No sewing got done whatsoever.

But not to worry. I think I will just pretend that it's next week... no one will notice.

Not a terrible lot of creating around these parts lately due to illness and the busyness of life in general... but here are some pics.

The second skirt I have made from this pattern... i quite like it.       

Kwik Sew top - not a bad result considering this fabric was not the best choice.
I spoilt myself and bought a cheap overlocker. It was a great price and does the trick! No complaints here.

Miss A is 10 months old now.
Most of the time she is devine.

Very rarely, she is like this.
All in all, my little mob keeps me very busy.
While they are busy growing...
and geting cuter by the day, I swear it,
we still find some down time to paint nails and stuff.
And it's this stuff that keeps me alive, I'm pretty sure.

Hopefully more crafty stuff next time... (PS Does anyone actually read this? LOL!)


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

I love that skirt- both the fabric and the style. I cant seem to make the link work thought- what is the pattern again?

xo em

Linda said...

Hey Em. The pattern is here:

Anonymous said...

The grey skirt is so cute! And your kids are adorable!! Love the second photo.