Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tag and I'm it : 6 things

I've been tagged by La Mammina for six quirky yet boring,
unspectacular details about yours truly.

So here they are:
  1. My feet are like an extra set of hands. I can pick even the smallest things up with them. It really came in handy when I was pregnant and couldn't easily bend down.
  2. My favourite dessert is creme brulee. I had first one in Paris in 2003, and even though it almost instantly made me sick (it was so rich and I had irritable bowel at the time - another boring fact) it was sublime and if it's on the menu at a restaurant I have to have it. I've tried to replicate it at home, yet to no avail, but I have now got a brulee torch, so have to try again!
  3. I would love to be an visual artist but always feel I'm not good enough. I go through cycles where I (try to) paint, then I go back to sewing and want to sell all my art supplies, then not long after I go back to painting and the vicious cycle starts again *sigh*.
  4. I met my husband when I was 13 and he was 17. This year will be have been together for 17 years! Yikes!
  5. I'm studying Interior Decorating through TAFE (see my other blog). I am really enjoying it, and finding there is so much more involved then just arranging a few pretty things. I really hope to finish the course and go on to more study when my babies are older.
  6. I love the beach, but hate the surf. I was dunked by big waves too many times as a kid (not to mention watching too many Jaws movies), and now I'm petrified. I hope my fear doesn't rub off on my kids, because I know I must be missing out on so much fun!
So there you have it. I now have to tag six people:
Clare, Pilli Pilli, Wendy, Anna, Bec and Hannah.

Anyway, I'm off now. We are celebrating Chinese New Year tonight, not that I am Chinese, or even remotely of Asian heritage, but I love any excuse to get together with good people and eat deep fried ice cream!


clare said...

Lin I got your tag and I will work on it in the next few days . Enjoy your night out .
Clares Craftroom

Chrisy said...

..ah feet like hands...i have those too...i can even shave my legs in the bath using my toes...what can i say...uve either got it or u haven't!

Lin said...

Wow. Chrisy - that sure takes talent!

AnastasiaC said...

i love creme brulee too - cant seem to find it on the dessert menu much these days!!
hey goodluck with your interior course - had a look at your other blog, great images!!

Bec said...

Hi Lin, I'm sorry I'm SOOOOOOOO late with this, but I did finally do the meme on my blog. Better late than never I hope!

Oooh, and I'm so with you on the creme brulee.....YUM!