Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's been too long...

Whoa it's been a while. And while I am not the best blogger, I am vowing, promising, to get better. At least once a week. With two of my littlies now in kindy and school, I will try to find the time to post something that i'm sewing, cooking, reading, watching or liking, no matter how little time is available.

So here is an little update:

Knitting sock number two... it has only taken close a year!
We have started growing our own veges and it's the kid's job to water daily. Of course, most of the water ends up on them!
This little one is keeping me very busy! And up half the night, even at nearly 8 months!
Two more projects to add to my long list. Single Girl quilt for Hannah and the Flower Chain for our bed.
I am making this quilt for Ada's cot. I have all the pieces cut out, just waiting for a delivery from the Fat Quarter Shop for the rest of the fabric!
Living on this stuff at the moment.
I miss these two when they are at school... but the quiet is something I can get used to!
Hopefully I will be back this week.

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