Friday, February 10, 2012

Finished project : Ada's play quilt

Amidst the madness, I did manage to find some time to make little Ada a play quilt for Christmas.

I used grey linen that I picked up for a song in the remnants bin at the store, and some upholstery samples (I have a thing for those vintage florals - reminds me of my Grandma). I chose some really thick wadding, as it's a floor quilt and then back it with lovely Japanese linen.

I chose not to bind this one as all the fabric together was quite thick, so instead I sandwiched the fabric inside out and turned it the right way, and then quilted it.

I finished it off with some cute iron velvet embossing images I picked up with the Japanese linen.

I'm pretty happy with it. I love the colours. I'm liking yellow more and more.

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