Monday, October 18, 2010

My place and yours

I'm joining in today on 'My Place and Yours', hosted by Hello Owl. This week's theme is: You're moving across the country and can only keep one piece of furniture from your home. What do keep?

My answer: Grandma's cabinet. The cabinet holds many memories from my childhood, of afternoon teas at Grandmas, rock cakes and banana cake, and brewed tea. It now holds many of my special things - my teapot, antique toys, old postcards. I hope it's as special to my kids as it is to me.

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Bubby Makes Three said...

what a great challenge... love that you chose a beautiful sentimental piece like that. I dont have any heirloom pieces, I reckon Id have to go with my 30th birthday pressie -- a pink Eames rocking chair that I just LOVE. Its not comfy, but gosh darn its stylish!