Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a minute in August

In August I am:

Reading : some great blogs (see my list below), but mostly course materials for my university course that has started. Europe and the New World is my first subject - essentially it's American History, covering the discovery of the Americas, the settlement of the English and the fight for independence. It focuses on slavery, particularly in Virginia and the Salem witchcraft trials. It is very interesting, to say the least.

Making : Not a great deal. I did finally finish a mobile for my cousin's bub and I knitted her a scarf (of course I forgot to take photos), but other than that zilch, for now, although I'm itching to get back into cut paper illustration and quilting.

Loving : the days that are getting warmer and warmer. BRING ON Summer! Also love my new hair cut :)

Not loving : the thought of returning to work, that is always looming in the back of my mind. Realistically though, two days a week can't be too bad. And the money will be most welcome.

Looking forward to : Getting our caravan in a couple of weeks and the process of renovating it and decorating it. Possibly an opportunity to do some decorating that I wouldn't be game to do in the house... hmmmmm

Also looking forward to my study/studio being finished... so I can escape the kids and get some hard work done, and maybe sneak in some uninterrupted sewing!

If you have a minute in August you should check out : Hey, Bubbles (Anna is doing a post a day for the month of August), ChloeJessica (if you are into sausage dogs like me) and Dottie Angel (she has the most gorgeous new addition to her family), the brilliant photostream of Aux Petit Oiseaux and the really lovely blog Bonjour!

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Anna said...

What are you studying? That does sound like interesting reading. Can't wait to see photos of your caravan, it would be fun to get crazy with some renovations in a van.. my family has holidays in their caravan down at Tallebudgera every Christmas but I don't think my parents would let me go decorating mad in their van. Thanks for the link too :)