Thursday, July 23, 2009

always, sometimes, never

I always:

+ say i love you to my two babies and my husband, every day.
+ want to travel.
+ love Spring and Autumn.
+ crave knowledge.
+ want my children to know that home is their 'soft place to fall'.
+ spend too much time on the computer.
+ daydream, doodle, make lists and plans.

I sometimes:

+ worry i will lose someone dear to me.
+ get angry.
+ let the dirty washing pile up.
+ let the clean washing pile up.
+ floss.
+ swear.
+ wish I lived in the country.
+ pray, and think I should do it more often.
+ wish I could be an artist.

I never:

+ want to have regrets.
+ want to feel unappreciated.
+ will be happy with my hair.
+ take my children for granted.
+ feel comfortable with spending money on myself.
+ want to grow up.

inspired by this.

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