Monday, March 16, 2009

More of THAT wallpaper! : Orla Kiely

So if you're wondering why I'm blogging about interior decorating over here, then it's because I've decided to do away with my other blog. It didn't get much of a look in anyway and it really is just too difficult keeping up to blogs. So it will all be here now.

Here's that darn wallpaper again.
I swear it's haunting me.
I totally need it.

Found over here.
I really like how it has been applied to just the panels. Clever!
Ok, enough about that wallpaper now.

I found a really inspiring post over at Kelly Rae's blog.
It's about pretending to be what we long to be, until we actually aren't pretending anymore, we are actually living it.
This made me think, what is it that I would pretend to be?
If I could pretend to be anything in the world?
I think I would pretend to be an illustrator / world wide traveler / bookworm / vintage goods shop owner / lavender farmer.
I would pretend I had the confidence to take my drawing further.
But for now I will pretend I have the time to do so!
With two little rug rats, there's not a lot of time for pretending!


Katy said...

wow. That wallpaper is something special, isn't it? I am a wallpaper whore, it's true. Neisha Crosland does some beauties...I don't know if you need encouragement to look at more pretty papers..

the textured leaf said...

I found a kitchen that I loved and it has this wallpaper in it. I posted about it here

you may like to peek!