Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Cotton Rabbits : Egg cosy

I have long admired these gorgeous knitted little toys by Little Cotton Rabbits.
Having never really knitted anything (besides simple scarves) until recently, I never thought I could have the know how or the patience to knit anything like these.
But after knitting a hat or two recently I decided to take on the slightly more difficult egg cosy pattern.

And here is my result.

I did my first one in plain white, as I didn't want to waste money on expensive yarn, knowing my tendency to leave projects unfinished (ahem).

They are quite easy, even for me, the beginner knitter, and oh, so cute!

And check out this gang!


Pilli Pilli said...

Oh Lin!

These are deadly cute!!!

Well done! It's such a pity I'm allergic to eggs...

Best wishes and enjoy getting ready for easter!!!
PilliPilli Handmade

Ali said...

You're inspiring me - I thought the bunny would be too tricky for me, but now I think I may have to try it. Cute!

mimi charmante said...

The photos on your flickr site are incredibly darling! Love the bunnies!!!