Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a minute in February / March

February slipped by so quickly and we're already in March!
Autumn. I have long been waiting for you!

In March I'm....

Reading... Shannon Fricke's Sense of Style: Colour
AND French women for all seasons by Mirielle Guiliano.

Watching... Not much. I do hope to get to the movies this week to finally see He's Just Not That Into You. I also hope to catch up on a few movies on my long list such as La Vie En Rose, Priceless and can you believe I still haven't seen The Dark Knight!? I'm a little out of touch.

Travelling... We spent a couple of nights in Noosa last week.
Now planning our next trip to Stanthorpe.
Can't wait.

Learning... more colour theory combined with design theory and how to put this knowledge into practice. I'm also learning that I'm really loving this interior decoration thing.

Loving... many new (to me) blogs:
Simple Things Small Joys
Mimi Charmante
Brown Button

Also loving that Lola Ladybird has been welcomed to her new home.

Not loving... that my precious camera is broken. I feel like I've lost a limb.

Making... all making is old hold as my sewing machine needs to go into the shop. I have been doing a bit of drawing though, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Looking forward to... our 11th wedding anniversary this month, cooler days and planning my love's birthday next month.

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Anna said...

Oh we've been planning a trip to Stanthorpe with my brother and his wife for ages and still haven't made it down there yet. Good antique and junk shops down there. And such pretty photos of apple trees, especially in a couple of months when they're flowering.