Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling a little more whole : new things

Well things usually come in threes with us.
First it was the sewing machine.
Then it was the toaster.
Then it was the camera.
Without all three of these I had been feeling a little out of sorts.

So now the sewing machine is in the shop being serviced (sigh, can't wait to get her back).

We have a nice new toaster (banana and honey on bread is just not as nice).

And I have a brand new camera.

But wouldn't you know it?
I was without camera for about three days and Little Miss decided to crawl and cut two teeth. And I had no camera.
But don't you worry, I've made up for it since :)

We have a very tame Magpie that visits us morning and evening for scraps.
Yesterday he was lucky to not only get some leftover smoked chicken but to have a good
tête à
tête with Little Miss.

Corner of Little Man's bedroom.
Art work "Pirate Boy" by TskTsk.


Jackie said...

Thank you for the blog comment. I feel the same about her books-life altering for sure. I started to cry when I realized she had actually died-and I am not much of a crier!

Good luck with your son and school too-it won't be long for you either. What age do children start school where you live?

mimi charmante said...

What sort of camera did you get? I have a bit of a "thing" for cameras these days... :)