Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unfinished drawing : Paris

Nearly everything on this blog lately has been a work in progress, and this one is no exception!

I started this drawing soon after I completed this one.
It was after I came back from my trip to Europe and the UK in 2003 and I drew this from one of my photographs.

I have total attention deficit disorder with regards to crafting, with all my flitting from one thing to the other.

But somehow I always come back to drawing.

I'm feeling the urge to pick up the pencil again and do some serious drawing.

Really serious this time.

I'm greatly inspired by this interview with Maira Kalman over here.
She says that her biggest secret to drawing is to perseverance.
"I do the best I can which means I try not to do it right but just to do it as I feel and as I see."
I will have to try and remember that. :-)

My giveaway is still in progress. Leave a comment on any post before Valentine's Day.
I'm happy to send overseas too, so all are welcome.


Michelle said...

love the work in progress...

Chrisy said...

...thanks so much for linking to Maira's interview...it was a delight...and oh isn't she wise...love the notion of heaven on earth...the advice that we just have to keep creating...not give up...and her children's books!...

Pilli Pilli said...

Oh Lin,

That drawing really makes me want to go to Paris...

And we'll have to do something about that snow-thing!
(Too bad I can't just send you a box. I actually would. We have plenty here, you see...)

Best wishes, and thanks for stopping by!