Friday, January 9, 2009

Painting for sale...

I have finally decided to part with a beloved painting of mine,
bought for me by my husband about 4 years ago.
It is quite large, too large for our little home,
but I imagine it would really make a statement
in a large home in the entry or formal dining room.

I have listed it on eBay.
Please check it out if you are interested.
I have started it at half the price it was valued
at when it was bought, so it is quite a bargain.

Of course due to it's size, it is for local pick up only,
or delivery within in Brisbane.

1 comment:

Laura B said...

Hi, Just found you through record the day's blog and wanted to say hello :)
I love your last ill fri piece, and my list is just about the same, do dishes every evening after tea is my number 4!