Monday, December 29, 2008

So that was Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas: Little Man's third Christmas, and Little Miss's first. Christmas is so much more fun now that we have children although I swear it goes so much faster!

We all ate, drank, and spent way too much, but that's Christmas, it seems!

But it was lovely spending time with family and making Christmas magical for the kids, as well as introducing our children to our Christmas traditions and making new ones just for us.

And now things are quiet and we're taking the time to reflect on the year gone by, and looking forward to what the new year will bring. Hopefully more health and happiness, wishes come true, plans made, resolutions kept, new projects, new lessons, more good times with old friends and the making of new friends.

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clare said...

So glad you had a great Christmas ,
Happy New Year .
Clare's Craftroom